1996 Dharmapuri Movie Review & Ratings

1996 Dharmapuri Movie Review: 1996 Dharmapuri, a Telugu film, would be directed by Shekar Master, a well-known film choreographer. People who are talented at making movies, such as Shekar Master and his companions, performed an excellent job of marketing their own work. Because of its success, the film was presented in theatres across the country on April 22, 2022. Is it worth your time right now to look at this image?

1996 Dharmapuri Movie Review


The film takes place in Dharmapuri in 1996. Suri (Gana Vihari), a carefree young guy who works on his father’s farm, falls in love with Nagamalli (Anupam Kher) (Aparna Devi). She eventually agreed to his love after initially refusing it. Patel, her father, is a member of the upper cast and attempts to murder Suri. The plot contains a twist. Nagamalli is enraged and intends to murder his father. You must discover whether or not they will reconcile.

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1996 Dharmapuri  Cast & Crew

Dharmapuri, starring Gagan Vihari and Aparna Devi, was written and directed by Jagath. Krishna Prasad directed the film, Osho Venkat composed the music, and Bhaskar Yadav Dasari produced it. It came out in 1996.

MovieName 1996 Dharmapuri 
Cast Leads Gagan Vihari, Aparna Devi, Naga Mahesh, Shaker Kalyan, Janardhan and others.
Director Jagath
Producer Bhaskar Yadav Dasari
Written by Jagath
Music Osho Venkat
DOP Krishna Prasad

Movie Verdict

We’ve seen the cast, the honor killing, and this movie before. The rural environment and love story may hold the audience’s attention.
In the promotional materials, it is said that the film would “certainly” link you, but this is not a film for everyone. The film began off beautifully, and the love sequences were well-planned, but the film’s location didn’t work out.
Suri Gagan Vihari as Suri and Aparna Devi as Nagamalli as Nagamalli are both excellent performers. The rest of the cast isn’t half-bad either.
This film did a terrific job of making Jagath’s love scenes appear good. However, the plot itself was not novel enough to pique the viewer’s interest.
Because we had to film in a village, the cinematography was subpar and the colors were oversaturated, which was not ideal. Osho Venkat’s music is at the center of the film; he uses it to establish the tone for many scenes.
Finally, the 1996 Dharmapuri film is a one-time experience for those who enjoy films with a lot of rural scenery and ads.

Movie Rating: 2.5/ 5

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