List of Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021 | Latest in Aha.Video App

Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021: App is a digital media service for Telugu content and moreover it is the one and only dedicated OTT App for Telugu people. There are many Pros in using Aha App over other streaming platforms, Since the content is fully loaded with Telugu only.


On this page, you are going to see the list of New Telugu Movies on Aha App in January, 2021. Also, you will find the list of Telugu Web Series and Originals on Aha App that will grab your attention. So, why are you waiting? take a look into the list of newly arrived movies on Aha Telugu OTT platform.

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Aha Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021 | Latest on Aha Video App

Aha, The new Telugu OTT platform giving a big competition to the industry leading OTT platforms like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, SUN NXT and ZEE5. The below list of upcoming movies on says it all.

Movie Name Streaming Date Video Link
Love Story Upcoming watch-on-aha-video-ott
Zombie Reddy Expected watch-on-aha-video-ott
30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela Expected watch-on-aha-video-ott
Ardha Shathabdham 26th March, 2021 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Kshana Kshanam (2021) 19th March, 2021 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Naandhi 12th March, 2021 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Luca Alias Johnny 05th February, 2021 watch-on-aha-video-ott

Aha Latest Telugu Movies 2021 List

Movie Name Streaming Date Video Link
Athade Srimannarayana 26th February, 2021 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Midnight Murders (Anjaam Pathira) 19th February, 2021 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Krack 05th February, 2021 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Naarinja Mithai 29th January, 2021 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Super Over 22nd January, 2021 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Mail (Kambalapally Kathalu) 12th January, 2021 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Dirty Hari 25th December watch-on-aha-video-ott
Vyuham 25th December watch-on-aha-video-ott
Mayaanadhi 18th December watch-on-aha-video-ott
Bell Bottom 11th December watch-on-aha-video-ott
Nipah Virus 04th December watch-on-aha-video-ott
Honeymoon (Exclusive) 27th November watch-on-aha-video-ott
Anaganaga O Athidhi (Original) 20th November watch-on-aha-video-ott
Commit Mental (Original) 13th November watch-on-aha-video-ott
Maa Vintha Gaadha Vinuma 13th November watch-on-aha-video-ott
Sudani From Nigeria (Telugu) 30th October watch-on-aha-video-ott
Color Photo 23rd October watch-on-aha-video-ott
Addham 16th October watch-on-aha-video-ott
Moothon 16th October watch-on-aha-video-ott
Android Kattappa 09th October watch-on-aha-video-ott
Orey Bujjiga 02nd October watch-on-aha-video-ott

Aha Video App Latest Telugu Movies September, 2020

Movie Name Streaming Date Video Link
Jallikattu 25th September, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Amaram Akilam Prema 18th September, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Bangaru Thalli 11th September, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Maghuvalu Matrame 11th September, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Nenu Naa Nestham 04th September, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
And the Oscar Goes to 28th August, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Bucchi Naidu Kandriga 21st August, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Johar 14th August, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Metro Kathalu 14th August, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Trance 07th August, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Forensic 31st July, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Sakthi 31st July, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
36 Vayasulo (Jyothika) 24th July, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Software Sudheer 18th July, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Gypsy (Jeeva) 17th July, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
100 (Atharvaa Murali) 15th July, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Krishna and His Leela 04th July, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott
Bhanumathi Ramakrishna 03rd July, 2020 watch-on-aha-video-ott

Telugu direct-to-OTT Movies on Aha App So far

Actor Navdeep’s Run (2020) is the first Telugu direct-to-OTT film on Aha. Later on many Telugu movies released directly on this platform and become best movies of the year. Telugu Movies including Run, Bhanumathi Ramakrishna, Johar, Bucchi Naidu Kandriga, Amaram Akilam Prema, Orey Bujjiga and Color Photo have been released so far. Besides these seven Telugu movies, there are more than 10 Telugu dubbed movies from other languages streaming on this App. You can find the list above.

First Big Film To Release on Aha App 2021

Krack is the first big budget film to stream on Aha App. Till now Aha has streamed only medium budget movies and Telugu dubbed films. After Krack, movies like Love Story, 30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela will be released. Moreover, Krack is Aha Video’s most expensive acquisition till date. Aha App has spent around Rs.8.25 crores to acquire its digital rights. The initial OTT release date Jan 29 is now postponed to February 05, 2021.


Aha Telugu Movies App 2021 Features

  • Aha OTT is a Telugu dedicated OTT platform. So, you can watch a lot of Tollywood movies.
  • The OTT is launched by Tollywood famous producer Allu Aravind, So you can expect the quality content along with lots of fun, entertainment.
  • Aha Web Series and Originals: Aha Originals like Masti’s, SIN, Locked, Kotha Poradu are very popular on Internet and recorded millions of digital impressions.
  • During the scarcity for movies in Tollywood, Aha come up with Telugu dubbed movies by dubbing the Blockbuster content from Malayalam and Tamil cinema. And, most of the dubbed movies in Telugu are Super Hits on Aha video.

Pricing and Subscription Plans

Aha is a paid digital platform with very cheap subscription plans. To attract Online viewers, Aha.Video team has come up with a very minimal pricing plans starting Rs.365/- per year and Rs.149/- per month. Also, You can find monthly originals, Ad Free content, Watch offline option.

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