List of Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies 2022 Releases

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies 2021: Tollywood Cinema has a wide range of audience as it is the superior movie house in India. According to the movie trade pandits, Telugu Cinema industry releases up to 200 movies per year (Approx). So, we can find a greater number of latest Telugu movies in Amazon Prime Video than its counterparts like Netflix, Aha Telugu Movies, SUN NXT, ZEE5, Hot star etc., due to its highest rate of user subscription.


Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies List 2021

Amazon Prime Video fetches the best content to satiate its users in the Tollywood entertainment category. On this page, we are trying to mitigate the problem of finding the upcoming Telugu movies on OTT. Also, you can see the sorted list according to the release dates. So, you will save your time in searching the best and upcoming movies in Amazon Prime Video Telugu in 2021.

In order to satiate the millions of VoD services users in Telugu states, Prime video always comes up with the best content and trending movies. Also, most of the movies that are available on Amazon Prime Telugu are from popular Telugu actors. In 2020, the OTT platform has released movies with high expectations like Nani’s V, Nishabdham, penguin and other most happening movies.

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Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies October 2021

Movie Name Streaming Date Watch On
Thalaivii October 10, 2021 Prime Video
Nootokka Jillala Andagadu October 02, 2021 Prime Video
Mugguru Monagallu October 02, 2021 Prime Video

Upcoming Amazon Prime Telugu Movies September 2021

Movie Name Streaming Date Watch On
Chaitanyam September 20, 2021 Prime Video
Narasimhapuram September 17, 2021 Prime Video
Sundari September 10, 2021 Prime Video
Tuck Jagadish September 10, 2021 Prime Video
Mumbai Diaries (Dub) September 09, 2021 Prime Video
Parigettu Parigettu September 05, 2021 Prime Video
Ksheera Sagara Madhanam September 04, 2021 Prime Video
Ja September 04, 2021 Prime Video
Paagal September 03, 2021 Prime Video
Cindrella September 03, 2021 Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies August 2021

Movie Name Streaming Date Watch On
The Family Man 2 (Dub) August 25, 2021 Prime Video
The Priest (Dub) August 17, 2021 Prime Video
Merise Merise August 17, 2021 Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies July 2021

Movie Name Streaming Date Watch On
Sarpatta Parampara (Dub) July 22, 2021 Prime Video
The Tomorrow War (Dub) July 02, 2021 Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Upcoming Telugu Movies June 2021

Movie Name Streaming Date Watch On
True 18th June, 2021 Prime Video
Mosagallu 16th June, 2021 Prime Video
Pachchis (Direct OTT) 12th June, 2021 Prime Video
Balamitra 4th June, 2021 Prime Video
DOM (Telugu) 4th June, 2021 Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies May 2021

Movie Name Streaming Date Watch On
Ek Mini Katha 27th May, 2021 Prime Video
30 Rojullo Preminchadam Ela 22nd May, 2021 Prime Video
Shukra 08th May, 2021 Prime Video
MMOF 04th May, 2021 Prime Video

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies April 2021

Movie Name Streaming Date Watch On
Vakeel Saab 30th April, 2021 Prime Video
Roberrt (Telugu) 30th April, 2021 Prime Video
Love Life and Pakodi 19th April, 2021 Prime Video
Sashi 14th April, 2021 Prime Video
Ee Kathalo Paathralu Kalpitam 14th April, 2021 Prime Video
Prayanikudu 13th April, 2021 Prime Video
Yuvarathnaa (Telugu) 11th April, 2021 Prime Video
Jathi Ratnalu 11th April 2021 Prime Video
Double Sketch 7th April 2021 Prime Video
Power Play 6th April 2021 Prime Video
April 28th Em Jarigindi 4th April 2021 Prime Video
Aksharam 4th April 2021 Prime Video
April 28th Em Jarigindi 10th April 2021 Prime Video

Upcoming Amazon Prime Telugu Movies February and March 2021

Find the latest list of the upcoming Telugu movies amazon prime Video in February & March2021 based on descending order of dates.

Movie Name Streaming Date Video Link
Tenet 31st March, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Gajakesari 30th March, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Nipah Virus 28th March, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
MMOF 25th March, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Uttama Kali Purushudu 25th March, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Shaadi Mubarak 25th March, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Abbayitho ammayi 24th March, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Kapatadhaari 20th March, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Eureekha 09th March, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Vittal Wadi 08th March, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Akshara 05th March, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
V1 Murder Case 05th March, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Aakasamlo Aasala Harivillu 05th March, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Virasasta Ayyappa Kataksham 04th March, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Pandu Gadi Photo Studio 02nd March, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Mr and Miss 26th February, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
G Zombie 25th February, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
RGV Corona Virus (USA) 23rd February, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Cheppnia Evaru Nammaru 21st February, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Unhinged 18th February, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Radha Krishna 18th February, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Jai Sena 18th February, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Life In A Year (Telugu) 14th February, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Cinemavadu (USA) 12th February, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Tandav (Telugu Dub) 12th February, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Bhale Manchi Chowka Beram 11th February, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Venkatapuram 11th February, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Edaina Jaragocchu 06th February, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
EE DOORAM (Overseas) 05th February, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Vishal’s Action (USA) 30th January, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Master 29th January, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Nanna Prema (Mammootty Peranbu in Telugu) 22nd January, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Maara (Telugu version) 16th January, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Gramam (USA) 13th January, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Mogalturu (USA) 12th January, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Point Blank (USA) 10th January, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Valasa (USA) 09th January, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Chithakkotudu 2 08th January, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Evaraa Killer (USA) 07th January, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Love Dairy (s) 05th January, 2021 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now

Upcoming Amazon Prime Telugu Movies December 2020

Movie Name Streaming Date Video Link
Lisaa (USA) 31st December watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Murder 29th December watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Vitamin She (USA) 28th December watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Jayadev 23rd December watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Howl 22nd December watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
It’s Time to Party (Sreemukhi) USA 17th December watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Guvva Gorinka 17th December watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Chithakkotudu 2 (USA) 14th December watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Gully Gang (US, UK) 14th December watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
IIT Krishnamurthy 10th December watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Guppedantha Prema (UK) 08th December watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
24 Kisses 06th December watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Bombhaat 03rd December watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Tenali Ramakrishna (USA) 03rd December watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now

Amazon Prime Video Upcoming Telugu Movies in November 2020

Find the list of the latest Amazon prime Telugu Movies in November 2020 based on descending order of dates.

Movie Name Streaming Date Video Link
Nipah Virus (USA) 28th November, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Valayam 23rd November, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Middle Class Melodies 20th November, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Aakaasam Nee Haddhu Ra 12th November, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Gatham 06th November, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now

Amazon Prime Upcoming Telugu Movies in October 2020

In the month of October, Prime Video has released three new Telugu movies. They are Nishabdham, Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi and Patel Sir. Anushka’s Nishabdham is the most anticipated film of the year but it has failed to reach the audience expectations and remained as one of the worst movies of the year. However, Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi is the best movie to watch in October on Prime Video.

Movie Name Streaming Date Video Link
Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi 09th October, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Patel Sir 05th October, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Nishabdam 02nd October, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now

Amazon Prime Video Upcoming Telugu Movies September 2020

Nani’s V is the only Telugu film released on Prime Video in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada languages in September, 2020. The movie has received mixed response from audience. But, failed to impress the Telugu audience because of the Over drama surrounding the Nani’s character.

Movie Name Streaming Date Video Link
Nani’s V 05th September, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Penguin 19th June, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Savaari 27th May, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Ratham 25th May, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Ragala 24 Gantallo 21st May, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Natakam 19th May, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Srivalli 18th May, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Vajra Kavachadhara Govinda 15th May, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Jumanji: The Next Level 10th May, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Eureka May, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Valayam 05th May, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now
Shakthi 05th May, 2020 watch-on-amazon-prime-video-telugu-now

Latest Telugu Movies 2020 List

In the above table, you can find the list of upcoming movies and newly arrived movies streaming on the Amazon Prime Video. Moreover, we will update this page regularly as soon as the new movies arrives. The listing will be updated whenever the the digital release dates of new releases announcement is done. So, you can easily track the list of Tollywood movies upcoming on Amazon Prime Video. And don’t forget to visit the Tollywood Buzz page regularly for more updates.

We know, finding the digital release dates of upcoming new releases is quite problematic. So, to solve this problem, we are coming up with the list of movies scheduled for release on Amazon Prime in the coming days. Read about the Movieswood Telugu Movies 2021 download site.

Why To Choose Prime Video As your OTT?

Amazon Prime is one of the popular OTT platform in India. And, it highly focusing on upcoming Tamil movies in OTT platforms and Tollywood movies from the last few years. Also, one can watch movies from all other languages. Example: If you are a Telugu speaking person but likes watch Tamil movies, you will find all upcoming Tamil movies in Amazon Prime on Tamil language catalog.

Which is best among Netflix and Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Video is the reputed video on-demand over-the-top streaming service from Amazon group. The services of Prime Video were launched in 2016 and operating Worldwide. By choosing Prime membership one can enjoy all the entertainment related stuff besides many add-ons, which you cannot find in other streaming platforms. Moreover, the content present in Prime Video is very relevant to the Indian binge watchers with best films from Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada and other regional languages.

Though India has many OTT platforms, Prime Video always occupies the top chair in bringing the best movies and Originals. Wheres Netflix has the better universal content along with regional movies.

How to download Amazon Prime Video Movies?

The process of downloading Amazon prime movies is pretty straight forward. In the setting section, you can find the download options. Based upon the movie size and download resolution, you can store the movies under My Stuff folder. Whenever you are offline, you can stream the movies using the smartphone app. But, note that the option is available for only selective countries and movies only.

Subscription Price in India

The one year prime membership of Prime Video comes with just Rs.999/- which is very reasonable and affordable price. Also, using prime membership you can avail the early delivery of your goods from Amazon E-commerce site. In addition, there are multiple benefits like FREE No-Rush Shipping, Free Same-Day Delivery, Exclusive deals, Prime Early Access, Prime Music, Gaming offers, Amazon Family offers and many more.

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Is Check Movie in Telugu Available on Prime Video?

We can come to a conclusion only after the theatrical release.

✅ Is Master Movie in Telugu available on Amazon Prime?

NO, Master Movie Download in Telugu will be available on Aha Video very soon.

✅ Is Krack Movie on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Krack Movie Download will be available on Amazon Prime Video very soon.

✅ Is Solo Brathuke So Better on Amazon Prime?

No, Solo Brathuke So Better Full Movie digital rights are acquired by ZEE Network.

✅ Is Sarileru Neekevvaru on Amazon Prime?

Yes, Sarileru Neekevvaru Telugu movie is now streaming on Amazon Prime video. The film stars Mahesh Babu, Rashmika, Vijayashanti, Prakash Raj and others in lead roles.

✅ Is Ala Vaikuntapuramlo on Amazon Prime?

No, Ala Vaikuntapuramlo is not streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The movie is available in Netflix and SUN NXT OTT platforms.

✅ Does Amazon Prime have world famous lover?

World famous lover is not streaming on Amazon Prime Video, the movie is streaming only in Sun NXT and Netflix.

✅ Is V movie available on Amazon Prime?

Yes, V The movie is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The film stars Nani, Sudheer Babu, Nivetha Thomas and others in lead roles.

✅ Where can I watch Telugu v movie?

You can watch V Telugu movie online in HD on Amazon Prime Video OTT platform.

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