Bigg Boss 4 Telugu 12th Week Buzz: No Elimination

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Today Elimination: The elimination process has become the most crucial part in the 12th week since the Race to Finale is nearer. As we all know this week nominations for Bigg Boss 4 Telugu includes Mukku Avinash, Monal Gajjar, Ariyana and Akhil Sarthak. In these four contestants, Monal and Akhil are in the safe zone while Ariana and Avinash enters into danger zone. But, none of them eliminated this week, check for the reasons below.

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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu 12th Week Buzz: No Elimination

Avinash can survive for another 1 week since he has the eviction free pass and the remaining contestant is Ariyana. Do you think Ariyana got eliminated? No, Araina is also in safe zone by leading ahead of Avinah in the voting poll results. So, no one will be eliminated in the 12th week of Bigg Boss.

According to the latest sources, The excitement for evictions in Bigg Boss Telugu 4 12th Week is going to be a little disappointed with no elimination. However, Bigg Boss don’t want to disappoint the audience, he wants to surprise them with a special guest none other than Kichcha Sudeep.

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Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Voting Results 12th Week

As per some Online sources, The poll results for the 12th week nominated contestants are as follows. These poll results are just an indicative to the performance of the contestant, we don not make any claim about the authenticity of the data.

  1. Monal Gajjar: 58.7 % (First Place)
  2. Akhil Sarthak: 17% (Second Place)
  3. Ariyaana: 15% (Third Place)
  4. Mukku Avinash: 13% (Fourth Place)

There are currently seven members remaining in the Bigg Boss 4 Telugu house. Abhijeet, Akhil, Harika, Monal Gajjar, Sohel, Mukku Avinash, and Ariyana are in the house. Let us see who will be in the next week nomination.

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