Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Contestants Salaries

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Contestants Salaries: The Bigg Boss Tamil 5th Season has been airing from the past few weeks and the show has just started to heat up with the contestants fights and house dramas. Even the host Kamal Hassan has been hosting the show wonderfully and he has been confusing them right from the beginning itself. 

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Contestants Salaries

Many unexpected eliminations and fights have happened in the house. Big Boss Tamil Vote season 5 started with 18 contestants, and now they are 12 contestants in the house. Here are the names of the 18 contestants Isai Vaani, Raju Jayamohan, Madhumita, Abishek Raja, Namitha Marimuthu, Priyanka Deshpande, Abhinay, Bhavani Reddy, Chinnapponnu, Nadia Chang, Varun, Imaan Annachi, Akshara Reddy, Suruthi, Ikkey Berry, Thamarai Selvi, Ceebe, Niroop. 

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We all know that the winner of this show will win the Bigg Boss 5 Tamil Vote trophy along with the cash prize as well. But there is also fixed salary for them for week. So here are the weekly salaries for all the contestants in the house.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Contestants Weekly Salary

Isai Vaani Rs 1Lakh
Raju Jayamohan Rs 1.5Lakh
Madhumitha Rs 2.5Lakh
Abishek Raja Rs 1.75Lakh
Namitha Marimuthu Rs 1.75Lakh
Priyanka Deshpande Rs 2Lakh
Abhinay Rs 2.75Lakh
Bhavani Reddy Rs 1.25Lakh
Chinnapponnu Rs 1.5Lakh
Nadia Chang Rs 2Lakh
Varun Rs 1.25Lakh
Imaan Annachi Rs 1.75Lakh
Akshara Reddy Rs 1Lakh
Suruthi Rs 70,000
Ikkey Berry Rs 70,000
Thamarai Selvi Rs 70,000
Ceebe Rs 70,000
Niroop Rs 70,000

So these are all the salary details of Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Contestants and it is also important to understand that the above salary details are unofficial check for mroe details.


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