How to Register a Telugu Movie Script in Cine Writers Association (TCWA)?

Are you a Telugu movie script writer and looking for the best ways to register your movie script? then you should not miss this article. On this page you will get the complete information that How to Register a Telugu Movie Script in TCWA.


TCWA is the Telugu Cine Writers Association located in Hyderabad. If you are a professional movie script writer, then you must register your script to avoid plagiarism problems in the near future. As we have seen many new writers of Tollywood have been the victims of script plagiarism and resemblance. So, If you want to become the Original author of the script then script registration is a must.

How to Register a Telugu Movie Script in Cine Writers Association (TCWA)?

By following the below steps you can easily register your movie script in Telugu Cine Writers Association.

  • You have to register yourself as a Associate member by paying registration fee Rs.15,000/- or life member of 25,000/-.
  • There are three levels for the Associate members, if you are a well established and named writer you will belongs to level 1.
  • If you have already worked for any released movie and your name used in title cards as a writer you would be given the second level membership card
  • Finally the third level is entry level, it will be a little bit tough to register your script. Since, to register your script you must bring a letter from a Writer that you have worked and he or she should be the member of this association.

Renewal Fee

Every year you have to pay Rs.500/- as the renewal membership fee

How to become a Lifetime Member?

If you want to become a lifetime member of the association your name has to come in at least one film.

Now the registration process got completed and you are a member of this association and eligible to register your movie script.

Script Registration Rules

To write the script you should follow the rules of the TCWA in script writing.

  • While preparing the script to register in TCWA, you have to fold the paper vertically, write the script on the top of the margin and at the bottom the association leaves a stamp on each copy of your script.
  • You will get the script back with association stamps and no one would read your script there.
  • They charge Rs.300/- for every 25 pages.
  • The script registrations will be done only on the Thursday afternoons in between 4.p.m to 6.p.m.

How TCWA finds the Original Writer?

The Association stamp on the script indicates the date of the registration. So, it becomes the judging factor in deciding the deserved candidate (Original owner). Based on this only action would be taken.

Example: If two scripts resembling same content, the TCWA association members will check the registration dates of both the scripts. Who ever has done it earlier would be declared as the original owner of it. If any one of them didn’t register the script  with the association then they will stand on the losing side.

Telugu Cine Writers Association (TCWA) Address

  • House No 8-3-720/9/2,
  • Shalivahana Nagar,
  • YellaReddy Guda,
  • Sri Nagar Colony, Hyderabad – 73

Official Website: Click Here

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