Suma Kanakala’s Jayamma Panchayathi Movie Review & Ratings

Jayamma Panchayathi Movie Review: Suma Kanakala is a well-known and successful TV Achor in the Telugu film industry, and she is very good at her job. She has worked for a long time. As long as she was doing well at her job, she didn’t change her mind and decided to be the main character in a feature film instead. On May 6, 2022, the movie Jayamma Panchaithi came out. This is how it works: She has been in many movies in the past, but this time she will make a name for herself with the movie. One of them is Ashoka Vanamlo Arjuna Kalyanam by Vishwak Sen, which is about how Ashoka and Arjuna got married. Another is Bhala Thandanana, written by Bhala Thandanana, and it’s a lot of fun to read. In this epic fight, let’s see how the movie did.

Jayamma Panchayathi Movie Review


Jayamma Panchayathi tells the story of Jayamma, a Srikakulam woman who lives happily with her husband and children. Everything is going well until her husband gets sick. She needs money to take care of him, so she goes to the village council (Village Panchayathi) for help. Everyone is surprised by her approach and her conflict, but the village councils are focusing on another matter. Is the village council finally taking care of Jayamma’s problem?

Cast & Crew

Devi Prasad is the name of Suma Kanakal Devi. There are panchayathi in this word. Dinesh Kumar Kondepudi and Shalini have a son named Shalini. Nikita Joy Yadav is a person who likes to do things that make Ganesh bhuvan saluru  Amma Ramakrishna is the person who is the person who is the person. Gedela Trinadh Maheswara Rao D Hema is the name of Mayanandh Thakur’s son. Maheswara Rao D Hema is the name of Mayanandh Thakur’s son. It was made by Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu, Anush Kumar did the cinematography, M.M. Keeravaani did the music, and Balaga Prakash made the movie.

MovieName Jayamma Panchayathi
Cast Leads Suma kanakala Devi prasad Dinesh Kumar kadambala Shalini kondepudi Joy Nikitha Ganesh Yadav Bhuvan saluru Gedela Trinadh Amma Ramakrishna Mayanandh Thakur Reddi maheswara Rao D Hema
Director Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu
Producer Balaga Prakash
Written by Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu
Music M.M. Keeravaani
DOP Anush Kumar

Movie Verdict

It’s thanks to director Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu that we get to see Jayamma in such a calm and composed role. Suma Kanakaala is known for her hyperactive anchoring.
Set in a village, the movie gets off to a good start. The director spends a lot of time getting to know all of the people in it. Because the characters and story are so similar to our own, many people will think the movie is set in our own village. They worked well together.
The conflict in Jayamma Panchayathi isn’t very interesting, but it’s linked to her husband’s health. There could have been a better way to deal with the conflict, but on the other hand. The first half of the movie is fun, but the second half is heartbreaking and rushed. There is a lot of fun comedy and Village Council scenes in the first half.
This is the show’s best performer. When Suma Kanakala played Jayamma, she did an amazing job. As someone who likes to be outgoing, she was able to perfectly portray Jayamma. Besides Devi Prasad, everyone else in the movie did a great job.
In terms of technique, Vijay Kumar Kalivarapu, who is a new director, appears to be very mature. He did a good job with the movie and kept the audience interested. More than that, he has written a great story about Jayamma Panchayithi, which is about caste, so-called elders’ honour, and Jayamma’s life. When all was said and done, however, the layers didn’t mix well together
In spite of the movie’s low budget, Anush Kumar’s cinematography is very good. His visuals give the movie a sense of richness and quality. One of the best parts of the movie is the legendary music director M.M. Keeravaani, who can work in any style and leave his mark with his music; he wrote a beautiful background score for Jayamma Panchayathi. The rest of the departments did very well when it came to the film requirement.
Finally, Jayamma Panchaythi is a must-see; come ready to be surprised.

Movie Rating: 3/ 5

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