Shivratri Box Office: Jathi Ratnalu Had Best Opening Than Expected

This Shivratri 2021 had a blast at Tollywood Box Office. Telugu movies, Jathi Ratnalu, Sreekaram, Gaali Sampath and Roberrt (Telugu Dub) which already received thumbs-up from audience for its Trailers and Songs opened up with good collection on Day 1. Neveen Polishetty’s Jathi Ratnalu is bigger than expected while Sreekaram, Gaali Sampath and Roberrt are followed by this film in terms of Box Office performance.


Director Anudeep has handled the story in such a way with many entertainment episodes. In 2021, Jathi Ratnalu is the only that offered decent entertainment to all sections of the audience. Radhan’s Music and Main leads Naveen, Darshi and Rahul have excelled in their characters to bring out the best.

Jathi Ratnalu has to collect around 10 Cr for break-even to become a Commercial hit at Box Office. With the mouth publicity and fun ride, film had all the ability to cross the breakeven mark within a few days. On the other side, Sreekaram, Gaali Sampath & Roberrt (Telugu Dub Version) had positive reviews.


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