Tamil Movie KOOZHANGAL (Pebbles) wins Tiger award at IFFR

KOOZHANGAL (Pebbles in English) is the latest Tamil film by Vinothraj P.S. wins the 2021 Tiger Award at Tiger Competition, International film Festival Rotterdam 2021. The movie is produced by Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan on Rowdy Pictures along with Learn and Teach production.

Tamil Movie KOOZHANGAL (Pebbles) wins Tiger award at IFFR

Tamil Movie KOOZHANGAL (Pebbles) wins the Prestigious Tiger award at IFFR 2021

The jury granted IFFR’s Tiger Award and €40,000 to the “seemingly simple and humble” Pebbles directed by Indian filmmaker Vinothraj P.S, which they described as “a lesson in pure cinema”. Although it deals with gruelling poverty in the searing drought-ridden landscapes of southern India, it succeeded nonetheless in captivating the jury with its “beauty and humour”.

Cast & Crew

Movie Name
Genre Drama
Language Tamil
Release Date TBA
Director Vinothraj P.S
Producer Nayanthara and Vignesh Shivan
Lead Actors
Editor Ganesh Shiva
Photography Vignesh Kumulai, Parthib
Music Yuvan Shankar Raja
Sound Hari Prasad M.A
Art Njan Ood Sinju
Co-Poroducers S Sai Devanand, KS Mayilvaganan
Production House Rowdy Pictures, Learn and Teach Production
Award Tiger award at IFFR 2021

What is the Movie All About?

The inhabitants of the village Arittapatti in southern India depend entirely on agriculture, which has suffered terribly due to a long drought. The fields have become deserts and the skinny livestock eat the last leaves. The women catch and roast rats or wait for hours until it is their turn to pull muddy water from the well. The men hang around, play cards and sleep.

One of the latter is Ganapathy, a chain-smoking drunk with a permanent frown. His wife has fled the home and his domestic violence, but he is determined to fetch her back from her village. He forces his young son to join him. At his in-laws, Ganapathy causes a terrible scene and in revenge, his son tears up the money for the return bus journey. This is the start of a 13 km walk on one of the hottest days of the year.

A constant sense of anger and the threat of violence raise the temperature even more in the desolate landscape, filmed as beautiful, yet forbidding. The father-son relationship is deeply disturbed, yet they are inexorably drawn together. It seems next to impossible that the still-innocent boy will go down the same path his father did. Their pointless journey illustrates the disruptive influence of grinding poverty.

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