List of Telugu co-stars Who Are Also Playback Singers

Telugu co-stars Who Are Also Playback Singers: Have you ever felt the need for the lead pair in the film to try playback singing together? Generally, actors don’t sing for their songs in the film as their voices are not suitable for each tune. So, we find it rare to have such a playback singing combination in the films where both hero-heroine sing for the song until and unless there is compulsion from the music director that they should give it a shot to add value to the musical composition.


List of Telugu co-stars Who Are Also Playback Singers

In Indian films, usually, actors do not feel the need to go for it as there exist separate departments for this segment, and not only that they might be busy with some other schedules. But these days, many actors come forward for playback singing to create hype on the movie as well as to showcase their talent in this domain too.

Out of umpteen songs we got to compile a very short list in this topic as it is rare to have that combination where co-stars did playback singing together. Let’s dive in!

Siddharth- Shruthi Haasan (Oh my friend -2011)

Actor Siddharth and actress Sruthi Haasan became the maiden co-stars in the South Indian Cinema who sang the song together called “Sri Chaitanya Junior college” and acted for the same playback for the film “Oh my friend” starring “Sruthi Haasan, Siddharth, Hansika”. This song became one of the decent hits in the entire album. It is to be remembered that both stars have an intrinsic interest in singing and they already sang a couple of songs for other movies too but not in the same combination. It is to be noted that “Sruthi Haasan” had her debut in Tollywood with the Siddharth movie “Anaganaga O Dheerudu”.

Nikhil – Colors Swathi (Swamy Ra Ra-2013)

Commonly, actors who have good vocals do playback for the films at the behest of Music directors but it is rare to see both actors do playback for a couple of movies in a year. The legacy of the songs sung by the movie co-stars have prevailed to Tollywood after “Dhanush, Shruti Haasan” hit combination where hero ‘Nikhil Siddharth’ and actress ‘Swathi Reddy’ did playback for their hit film “Swamy Ra Ra” under the debut director “Sudheer Varma”.

They both sang for the song “Yo Yo Yo Mem Antha” under the music composition of “MR Sunny” to create buzz on the film. As expected the song went well among the melophiles. It is to be noted that after the success of the movie hero “Nikhil Siddhartha, Swathi Reddy” started their second innings at a good pace.

Dhanush- Shruthi Haasan (Three Movie-2012)

As we are aware of the fact that, for the first time in South Indian cinema, ‘Why this Kolaveri di?’ a mashup track sung by Dhanush from the Tamil film “three” starring “Dhanush, Sruthi Haasan” went viral over the Internet because of its unique version of what we called ‘Tanglish=Tamil+English” slang. In the same way, both lead-pairs from the film became the second pair who sang the song together and acted for that.

Dhanush and Shruthi Haasan did playback for the song “Kannazhaga” under the musical composition of “Anirudh Ravichander” in the movie which went well among the melophiles. The same song dubbed into Telugu as “Kannuladha” having singing done by them. It is a known fact that “Dhanush” has a natural interest in singing while “Sruthi Haasan” is a singer turned actor so that’s the reason behind the success of their combination.

Final Words

Most people are dubious about why we didn’t include some of the famous celebrities who did playback for their own films but here we provided the list where both co-stars in the film did playback singing and acted together for it and we will try to bring another list where South Indian actors and actresses who sang solo songs in their movies.

Thus, concluding the article by expecting more number of such combinations to entice and entertain “Melophiles” Keep visiting our website for more interesting and informative updates!

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