Tollywood stars thank YS Jagan for Theater Restart Package

Tollywood actors have thanked Andhra Pradesh CM YS Jagan for the cinema restart package in Theaters. As we all know, Tollywood actors and producers had a meeting with CM YS Jagan regarding the Tollywood relief measures from Pandemic. In that meeting various Issues were discussed including Cinema Shootings permission, Theaters and Tax, Special Shows, Incentives and many more.


Now, the Govt of AP has responded positively to help the Film industry with relief measures in these challenging times. According to the latest Tollywood Buzz, the AP Govt has come up with cinema restart package for exhibitors along with special incentives.

Tollywood stars thank YS Jagan for Theater Restart Package

Megastar Chiranjeevi took to his Twitter account to thank Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan on behalf of the entire Tollywood. As CM Jagan was kind enough, the celebrities from Tollywood like Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan Tej and othe directors have expressed happiness over this.

UV Creations owned by Prabhas’ friends tweeted about the special package saying that it will support the people who are dependent on the film industry. “Thankful to the incentives offered to revive the affected Film industry during these uncertain times,”.

What’s in the special package?

As part of the package, AP Govt has announced some special incentives to help the Theaters owners and Exhibitors.  The package includes subsidized loans, the annulment of fixed power charges for three months and extra relief measures were announced.

  • During the cabinet meeting, the AP government announced subsidies to the film industry that hit hard by the corona pandemic.
  • The AP Cabinet has decided to waive the fixed electricity charges to be paid by theaters  from April to June, 2020. The government will bear the cost of Rs 3 crore per month.
  • Also, The Cabinet approved the decision to Postpone the payment of fixed charges for the remaining six months for all 1100 theaters in AP.
  • Under the restart package, the AP Govt bears the 4.5% interest rates on Working capital loans, Rs. 10 lakhs for theaters in A, B centers, Rs.5 lakhs for Theaters in C centers. The AP government has said that this package will cost the government Rs 4.18 crore.

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