Vakeel Saab Review and Ratings

Vakeel Saab is a powerful drama movie which has released in theatres recently and it has created sensation at the box office. It is quite expected, When the trailer of the movie has been released it broke many records on the Youtube and now has the movie has released in theatres. Especially Powerstar fans were quite eagerly waiting for the movie. 

Vakeel Saab Review
Vakeel Saab Review and Ratings

Vakeel Saab (2021)

Pawan Kalyan’s last movie was Agnatha Vaasi which got mixed response from the audience. Then Pawan Kalyan focused on the politics, After a long gap of 3 years Pawan Kalyan is back with a bang with this movie Vakeel Saab.


Right from the intro scene, He is quite excellent and his screen presence is absolutely top notch. The real show begins in the court where he has done some excellent work in the scenes. Prakash Raj and Pawan Kalyan have gone face to face in the movie and it is a treat for the audience to watch powerful court drama in the movie.

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The actress Nivetha Thomas, Anjali, Ananya Nagalla and Shruthi Hassan have done commendable job in the movie. The Plot is the main thing in the movie, The story is all about three girls Nivetha, Anjali and Ananya are on the run after they escape a molestation attempt by a powerful guy. The movie mainly focuses on the society’s mindset about the girls and what do we think about them. The movie focus is about how we see a women who is quite fast and goes to a bar with her friends and has more friends who are mostly boys.

It is quite common in our society that a girl is sabotaged in a way that their freedom is also seen in a wrong way. No matter how fast the girl is and how many friends she has. When she says ‘ No’ for something then it is definitely a No. People shouldn’t force her if she is saying a NO. That’s how powerful that one statement is. 

Ratings: 3.5/5

Even though the director has made quite some changes in the movie as per the telugu audience, The Movie sticks to the basic plot of the original movie. The Music is yet another plus point of the movie, Thaman has done fantastic work with the music and BGM and the direction is good as well. The camera work in the court scenes and other important scenes is quite good. Kudos to the cinematographer for that. The editing is crisp and clean, There is not even a bore moment in the movie. Screenplay is good as well. 

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Plus Points Of the Movie: 

  • Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s Performance and the actress performance is top notch.
  • The BGM and the cinematography is quite good.
  • The editing is crisp and clean.

Hit or Flop?

Power Star Pawan Kalyan is back with a bang and it is a treat for the audience to watch the powerful performance of their favorite star in the movie. Pawan Kalyan has chosen wonderful script as his comeback movie. This is a wonderful movie to watch in theatres with your family in the theatres. Especially this movie should be seen as a message to the society that you should respect women and you shouldn’t prioritize them based on their clothes and the type of friends she has.



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